Syd's Garden, Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge

Syd's Garden - a  computer drawn impression   Click on image to enlarge


Stephen Pyle & Paul Herrington

Design Assistants:

Shukri Osman, Anmol Javid, Tahmina Shamim

Project Directors: 

Stephen Pyle & Paul Herrington


Syd, Smudge and our very own Stephen Pyle on drums. Photo by Charles Stewart. Click on image to enlarge.

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The Garden

The garden celebrates the life of Roger (to his family), Syd (to his fans) Barrett - Pink Floyd founder member, Cambridge resident, keen gardener and an Addenbrookes Hospital patient. There will be a central elevated sculpture of Roger riding a bicycle, created by Stephen Pyle and Stephen Hicklin. This sculpture will be the first permanent publicly accessible memorial to him in Cambridge. The multi-sensory garden will contain massed roses, Roger's favourite flower, ornamental grasses and scented planting, and will provide a space for relaxation and quiet contemplation for patients, staff and visitors.

 Roses in Vase c 2005 Roger (Syd) Barrett                                                      Copyright 2017 Syd Barrett Music Ltd

Roses in Vase c 2005 Roger (Syd) Barrett                                                      Copyright 2017 Syd Barrett Music Ltd

Stephen Hicklin has been commissioned to create Roger (Syd) Barrett's head for the sculpture. Stephen trained at The Central School of Art and Design in London and is a member of The Society of Portrait Sculptors. Alongside his sculpture practice he has taught and lectured extensively in London art schools. His studios are in London and Suffolk where he continues to produce commissioned and site specific work. For more information click here (opens in new window) 

 Stephen Hicklin with his sculpted head of David Bowie. Photo courtesy  I pswich Star

Stephen Hicklin with his sculpted head of David Bowie. Photo courtesy Ipswich Star

About Roger’s love of Roses.... It was always the huge blousy ones I'm afraid! Reds and pinks and oranges all mixed up together and smelling heavenly and looking like an old tart laughing with red lipstick on her teeth!!!            Rosemary Breen, Roger's sister.

The garden will feature an elevated sculpture of Roger (Syd) Barrett freewheeling on his bicycle.  Guitar in one hand and artist’s brushes in the other, “Freewheeling’ captures the heady pre-Pink Floyd moments of the early 1960’s. 

 "Freewheeling" drawing by Stephen Pyle

"Freewheeling" drawing by Stephen Pyle

Thank you!

A huge thank you to all our supporters and donors, whether named or anonymous, whether you have donated money, or your services or your support. Your contributions are a massive help towards the  creation of this new garden that will benefit the hospital's patients, visitors and staff for years to come. Here are just some of you:

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