Executive Designers

Paul Herrington

Paul Herrington has been designing and creating gardens since 1996. He was awarded a Bronze medal at the Chelsea Flower Show in 2004 for his Courtyard Garden 'St George's Enclosure'.

Paul runs Grow Places, a social enterprise that works in hospital and community gardens alongside people with mental health and physical health problems.  He trained as a psychiatric nurse and has extensive experience of working with people in ward, day care and social inclusion settings, and triaging GP referrals into the mental health service.

In 2013 he was commissioned by arts and music charity Squeaky Gate to work with people experiencing mental health problems to create 'One in Six', a mental health anti-stigma themed garden design for the Chelsea Flower Show. The design was accepted by the Royal Horticultural Society who described it as 'bold and innovative'. 

In 2015 Paul coordinated bringing the Chelsea Fringe, the international alternative garden festival, to Cambridge for the first time. It is now an annual event.



Stephen Pyle

Stephen Pyle.jpg

Stephen Pyle has been creating sculptural artworks for the British and international entertainment industry for the past forty years. He is the pioneer of the use of fibre-glass (GRP) as a scenic medium that has enabled the realisation of many designs that were not previously possible.

In 1986 Stephen created major scenic elements for ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ stage musical worldwide, including the sculpted proscenium arch.

Subsequently he has created the famous mirrorball lemon for U2’s ‘Popmart' world tour, the car's bodywork for ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ in the West End London and Broadway New York, a 10 metre high bas-relief portrait of Nelson Mandela for the '46664' Aids benefit concert in Cape Town South Africa, sculpted panels for the Rolling Stones ‘Bridges to Babylon' stadium tour and their 'A Bigger Bang' tour, and a canopy sculpture for The Commitments stage musical at The Palace Theatre, London.



Board of Trustees

Martin Tyson - Chairman

Sue Hobley

Aisha Hunt

Lindi Wood

Helen Kingsley